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Online Presentations

Convert your next presentation into a PPT STACK. These scripted, voiced and animated PowerPoint presentations are delivered online in an automated Flash presentation. 

Our services include drafting the script, providing voice over or recording services, and developing or enhancing your PowerPoint file. These presentations provide an excellent way to communicate using the power of the Internet.





These online presentations are a great way to integrate your PowerPoint files with an audio voice over to form a powerful online communication tool.




R.F. MacDonald Co.
This is a series of presentations that were produced to help boiler operators understand the new government regulations in California air districts. The three part series addresses the main areas where controls were significantly changed.

You may view the other presentations in this series at the following location:




Infineon Technologies
This is a series of presentations that were produced to provide detailed technical information on a number of aspects of electric vehicle power supply infrastructure being developed and deployed by Infineon Technologies.

You may view the other presentations in this series at the following location that are listed on the right hand column and termed eLearnings:




Providing prospects a good overview of your product or service helps standardize the information and save your sales department valuable time. This presentation contains a section that describes a complicated delivery process in easy to understand visuals, providing a valuable tool for sales and investment presentations.



Prevention Connection
This non-profit group uses online presentations for training, information exchange and fundraising within their growing community of violence against women advocates. Their internet broadcasting offerings have catapulted their organization into a position of national recognition.

You may view the more presentations in this library at the following location:



Moss Beach Distillery
This is an innovative presentation for a hospitality client that outlines the full facility offerings for business meetings and conferences. The use of attached PDF files helped keep the pages aesthetic while still providing the customer comprehensive information regarding the various options and services.




Joe Kapp
When inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, this very short presentation was created to outline Joe's key biopic events.




Providing website visitors with a brief company overview helps in answering many questions for small companies with limited human resources. This presentation is used to orient prospect on the overview of offerings.




Innovative Semiconductor
A company overview can also highlight some of the companies best features.




Affinity Shopping Network
This presentation describes a complete program that prospects can review before speaking with a sales individual about the specifics.




Infineon Technologies
A standard use for online presentations is training and these presentations provide a great method for ensuring that your sales force is up to date on current information, new products and best practices.




Automating the key selling points for the Adaptec extended service offering provided global distribution partners with a clear and complete messaging presentation.




Another example of using training materials for baseline concepts and information exchange.